We know it’s hard getting started with a new Brand so we’ve remedied that ‘cause that’s what we do…everything we do is remedial!
The Black Chicken Remedies New Starter Pack is just good business…We understand that you are very careful what you offer on your shelves so we’ve chosen only our most popular products for you to trial to give you the confidence that our range will sell well in your store.  Plus we’ve included all of our marketing support like blogs, videos, social posts and imagery so that you can promote the arrival of Black Chicken Remedies and drive customers to your door. All of this at an introductory price of over 50% discount just to say welcome to the family!
Pack contains:
5 x Axilla Deodorant Paste – Original
3 x Axilla Barrier Booster
2 x Balm of Ages
2 x Travel Kits
2 x Cleanse My Face
2 x Muslin Cloths
2 x Hydrate My Face
2 x Love Your Face Serums
2 x Transcendence Natural Perfumes
2 x Dry Shampoo
2 x Slumber Nasalette
2 x Respire Nasalette