This male daily essential duo contains two easy steps to take your male grooming to the next level so you look and smell amazing.

(Valued at $48.45)

  • Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Axilla™ Deodorant Paste is free from harmful aluminium salts and sweat blocks
  • Axilla™ Deodorant Paste is completely invisible upon application and doesn’t mark clothes
  • H.I.S Face and Beard Oil softens and moisturises the skin beneath facial hair as well as hair follicles and soothes skin irritations and itching ™ blend hydrates, reduces frizz and protects hair from heat damage

The manliest pack we’ve ever made, combining AXILLA™ DEODORANT PASTE ORIGINAL ALPHA and H.I.S FACE AND BEARD OIL as the ultimate male daily essentials to stay fresh all day, whilst taming and soothing your beard and skin to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Not only does this conditioning beard oil tame and strengthen your facial hair, it can be used all over your face as a super nourishing but fast absorbing serum, which is more concentrated than a moisturiser. A little goes a very long way! It has a refreshing and invigorating manly scent, with hints of lime, and woody notes.

Whilst the Axilla Deodorant Paste Original Alpha offers unique properties to harmonise with your mood as well as effectively neutralise odour to keep you fresh all day. It has an earthy masculine scent, is edgy and adventurous with familiar woody notes for confidence and strength.

Used together they’re a winning team for all day freshness.

Made with love in Australia.
Vegan, cruelty free, with no added water or fillers.

What’s in it?

1 x Axilla ™ Deodorant Paste Original Alpha 75g / 2.65 oz – Australia's most trusted award winning natural deodorant that neutralises odour for all day protection in our Alpha scent to promote and support your wellbeing, body and mind. Alpha is edgy and adventurous with familiar wood notes for confidence and strength.

1 x H.I.S Face and Beard Oil 30ml / 1.01fl. oz – Specifically formulated for male skin which is 24% thicker than female skin and requires specific hydration.


For full ingredient information, please refer to the relevant product page.

How to use me

H.I.S Face and Beard Oil: Rub 4-6 drops into your palm, massage upward into your face and neck. Best used daily after showering when skin is warm and pores are open. Or if you don’t have a beard, it’s highly effective as an all over face moisturiser. For an extra boost apply H.I.S Face and Beard Oil before bed. Adding a serum, which is more concentrated than a moisturiser, to your night routine helps maximise the most important time your skin has to absorb, repair and rejuvenate. You’ll wake with softer, more hydrated skin and beard.

Axilla™ Deodorant Paste Original Alpha: Applying our deodorant paste is just like moisturising your armpits. Grab a pea sized amount with your finger and gently rub it into your armpits until it warms and dissolves. Simple! A little goes a long way. Don’t rub too hard or apply too much, apply directly after shaving.

Extra Tips:

    • Keep your Axilla in a warm spot like your bedroom or makeup bag to prevent it from firming up during those cooler months.
    • We suggest not putting Axilla Deodorant Paste™ on right after shaving. Because shaving creates hundreds of tiny cuts to your skin your armpits become highly sensitive – especially to Sodium Bicarbonate, which we use to neutralise odour. So if you can, wait a day or shave at night so your little pits have time to heal.
    • As this is handmade, consistencies across batches may vary. Products may melt or harden due to weather conditions and appear grainy in texture - this is perfectly normal and won't affect performance. Once melted pop in the refrigerator to harden again.