Our unscented mask patches allow you to customise the air you breathe when wearing a face mask.

  • Unscented singe use mask patches
  • Supports you to breathe easier whilst enhancing your mood
  • Adding a natural essential oil to the patch effectively helps to eliminate odours in your mask, balance mood, and provide a fresher experience when wearing mask.
  • Choose one of our 100% natural, non-toxic essential oil blends to suit your mood

  • Inhale – Essential Oil Mask Patches adhere to the outside of your mask to help freshen the air inside. Each patch can be infused with your favourite essential oils for a more pleasant and energising mask-wearing experience; they make an excellent face mask accessory.

    Choose your day with one of our all-natural, non-toxic essential oil blends. By simply adding a few drops of a natural essential oil blend to the patch and affixing the sticker to the outside of your face mask. They can be used on all types of face masks. The patch is ideal for prolonged mask use as it provides mood-enhancing, naturally scented air within your mask.

    Inhaling essential oils has been shown to improve emotions, mood, motivation, and focus. The sense of smell is carried out by your body's olfactory system. An aroma, such as essential oil, stimulates the olfactory receptors which enhances your mood. By adding a few drops of essential oils to the patch and then sticking it on your mask, you can breathe easier all while refreshing the air within the stuffy mask and aiding in the elimination of bad odours.

    Inhale – Essential Oil Mask Patches can provide aromatherapeutic support for up to 6 to 8 hours. The aroma may be stronger at first, but the long-lasting and potent scent is well worth it. Alternatively, you can keep the strong aroma on the patch all day by adding an additional drop of essential oil blend as needed to top it up – you control the intensity of the scent.

    Add one of our all-natural, non-toxic essential oil blends to the mask patch, they are available in the following varieties:

    De-Stress - Helps to relieve the mind and body of stressful thoughts and feelings, reduce nervous tension and encourage mental focus during times of stress.

    Serenity - Calming essential oil blend to fight exhaustion, ease tensions and to balance the mind.

    Upbeat - Induces a restorative effect on the psyche by promoting happiness and feelings of well-being.

    Respire - Healing essential oils with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and clear airways.

    Signature - Perfect essential oil for anxiety, easing the symptoms of depression and helping to inspire feelings of clarity, wellbeing, generosity and creativity.


    1. For sleep:
    Apply the patch to your pillow to help promote sleep. We recommend using our Slumber Essential Oil Blend to help promote sleep; it is a natural solution to help with a good night's sleep while reducing sleeplessness, insomnia, nervous tension, mild anxiety, and stress.

    2. As a natural insect repellent:
    Apply our Repel Essential Oil Blend to the patch and wear it on clothing. This blend of pure essential oils acts as a natural insect repellent while also providing uplifting aromas for your space and being 100% safe for humans to inhale.

    Vegan, cruelty free.
    Made from non-woven fabric.

    Contents: 2 sheets of 6 (3cm diameter – 12 patches in total) fabric essential oil mask patches

    How to use me

    Add 2-3 drops of your favourite mood enhancing essential oil blend to a patch, the intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted according to your preference with more or less drops, peel patch and apply to side of outer face mask for all day freshness. Single use only. Avoid essential oil blend contact with eyes.