This dynamic cleanser and exfoliant duo will visibly revitalise your face in less than a minute by gently removing dull build-up to reveal a smoother, renewed complexion.

When used together, our Face Renewal Pack really packs a punch on a range of skin concerns. After a few once a week applications you’ll notice smoother skin, the reduction of large pores, a lightened appearance of sun spots, the clearing of breakouts and a more reflective skin surface.

What’s in it?

Cleanse My Face – our deeply calming oil cleanser uses 14 remedial oils to target impurities held deep within your skin. It effortlessly removes makeup and dirt without disturbing your skins natural oil balance.

Complexion Polish – Rice powder, Argan Shell Powder and Myrrh Powder are just some of the ancient ingredients in our Complexion Polish that help to even skin tone, increase circulation and cell activity plus stimulate collagen production.

How to use me

Step One: Apply a warm cloth to your face, allowing the steam to loosen the dirt trapped in your pores.

Step Two: Mix half a teaspoon of Complexion polish in your palm with a few pumps of Cleanse My Face.

Step Three: Blend into a paste and rub gently into your skin using soft circular movements. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with our Muslin Face Cloth.

For the perfect finishing touch, spritz with our botanical Hydrate My Face and a few drops of our incredible Love Your Face Serum for added protection and nourishment.